How to Install Your Very Own Toilet Sarlacc


Disclaimer: Installing this decal set may prove to be more difficult than disarming a thermal detonator while riding a tauntaun, but it is a Sarlaac in your toilet so give a guy a break.

1. Shut off the water by turning the knob behind the toilet.

2. Drain the tank by holding down the flusher. Depending on your toilet you may also need to manually empty the remaining water in the tank with a cup or sponge.

3. Remove remaining water in the bowl using a sponge or rag to soak it up.

4. After the water is shut off and the tank is drained some toilets continue to drip from the siphone jet (1 inch hole in some toilets that shoots water down the poop hole) and the rim holes that line the underside of the ring at the top of the bowl (you can only see these if you stick you head in the toilet). If you have a hard time getting the bowl completely dry, try plugging these holes with plumbers putty or any other creative way you see fit.

5. Once the bowl is dry, clean it with a bathroom cleaner. For best results wipe down with rubbing alcohol after cleaning.

6. Make sure bowl is 100% dry before applying decals, a blow drier is handy here.

7. Place decals in desired locations, and apply even pressure to remove any air bubbles. This is crucial to the longevity of the decals

8. For best results use a blow drier to warm up the decals a little to maximize bonding of the adhesive.

9. Drop a turd into your brand new Pit of Carkoon toilet.

10. Wash your hands.

Disclaimer 2: The maker of these decals is in no way responsible for anything bad that happens to your toilet or plumbing. I am only responsible for the joy of turning every bowel movement into a galactic battle.